• Minimising the Risk of Catching an Infection at the Nail Salon or Spa — What You Can Do

    If not kept spick and span, nail salons and spas can harbour millions of bacteria, fungus, viruses and other infection-causing microorganisms. For this reason, all nail salons and spas operating in various states and territories across Australia are usually required to fully comply with state protocols for minimising the risk of catching an infection while at the nail salon or spa. If you like spending money on little luxuries like getting your nails done at a posh nail salon or spa, you should be aware that your manicurist or pedicurist cannot assure you of a completely infection-free visit, even if they fully adhere to state protocols for disinfection. [Read More]

  • Top Tips for Healthy Cuticles

    Healthy cuticles are essential for beautiful nails. The cuticles are the thin line of skin at the base of the nails and act as a protective barrier for your nail growth matrix. For healthy nail growth, you need to keep your cuticles strong. Here are some top tips on cuticle care. Never cut your cuticles! You should never cut or bite your cuticles, period. Damaging the cuticles could allow infection to enter the nail bed, potentially leading to painful nail loss or poor growth. [Read More]