3 Benefits of Having a Remedial Massage

Posted on: 11 April 2022

Remedial massages work in a similar way to relaxation massages; however, they have direct health benefits that could help you manage injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. What are the advantages of trying remedial massage therapy?

1. Relieve Stress Levels

If you have regular, persistent or long-term physical pain or discomfort, then you're likely to feel stressed. If you can't control or fix painful problems, or if you find it hard to function around your physical discomfort, then you'll find it hard to relax.

Stress can make your pain or discomfort worse. For example, if you have bad back pain, then stress can make you tense up your body. This tension can increase your pain or discomfort. Your muscles might become tighter and more knotted, and your back pain could feel worse.

Or, your stress could give you knock-on problems such as headaches or an upset stomach. You could end up with more to worry about than your initial back pain.

You'll immediately lose some of this stress when you have a remedial massage session. Like any massage, you'll feel more relaxed after a session. The less stress you have, the more physically relaxed you'll feel.

2. Get Immediate Pain Relief

If you have tight, knotted or damaged muscles, then a remedial massage will help reduce your immediate pain or discomfort. As well as reducing your stress levels, a massage goes straight to work on your physical problems.

So, if your muscles are tight, then you'll feel them relax as soon as your massage starts. Your therapist uses different massage techniques to work on your problem. While one massage session might not give you a permanent fix, it starts you on the road to recovery. You'll start to feel better as soon as you come off the massage table.

3. Encourage Longer-Term Self-Healing

While you might need a series of remedial massage therapy sessions before you feel completely better, you should also benefit from self-healing during your treatment. Your body responds to this kind of massage from the first session. Your therapist basically encourages your body to heal itself in tandem with your therapy.

For example, a remedial massage can kickstart the body's natural recovery measures. It stimulates the supply and flow of blood around your body. It can take the pressure off damaged tissues so that your body can repair them more efficiently. This mix of therapy and self-healing could speed up your recovery time.

For more information, contact remedial massage specialists and ask if they can help with your problem.