How Can a Massage Help With Chronic Constipation?

Posted on: 11 January 2021

The discomfort of constipation can be all-too-familiar for many people. It's a temporary annoyance in the majority of cases, and you might simply take a laxative and wait for the inevitable. Constipation can be caused by a number of serious illnesses, and in this instance, it might become a regular occurrence. How can remedial massage help?

Medical Causes for Constipation

There are several conditions which can cause, or at least, considerably worsen instances of constipation. These include Parkinson's disease, colon cancer, celiac disease, and diabetes, amongst others. Similarly, there are a number of medications (including many opioids) which can cause constipation. Taking a laxative might not be quite so straightforward in these cases. Although most laxatives are nonprescription, there is the possibility of an adverse drug interaction between the laxative and the medications used to treat the patient's illness, or the medication causing the constipation. Massage can offer a more remedial solution.

An Abdominal Massage

If you or a family member are affected by ongoing, pronounced constipation, massage can help to coax faecal matter out with strategic pressure to stimulate the colon. An abdominal massage delivers intra-abdominal pressure, which promotes rectal loading. This essentially means that the massage is coaxing the body into releasing its built-up levels of faeces. The soothing nature of a massage can also relax the body as a whole, loosening muscles which can also promote the healthy release of faeces. It may also help to alleviate abdominal cramps associated with chronic constipation.

Learning a Professional Technique

You will not need to have a professional massage for each bowel movement, although it can be extremely beneficial to seek out a professional abdominal massage at first, as this encourages you to learn the proper technique. This allows you to self-massage the applicable parts of your body when you need to repeat the process. If you're a caregiver for an unwell family member, you should observe the process so you can administer an abdominal massage as needed.

A word of warning to conclude — the results of an abdominal massage can become obvious quite quickly. It's not always immediate, and it can vary from person to person, but when you receive an abdominal massage to treat constipation, you might find yourself in urgent need of a toilet, so be sure to plan accordingly. For more information about how remedial massages can benefit your condition if you are chronically constipated, reach out to a local massage clinic.