Reasons to Opt For a Non-Surgical Eye Lift via Fractional Laser

Posted on: 12 August 2019

Ageing is unavoidable. Unfortunately, some side effects of ageing will manifest in your skin. Despite the best facial and eye creams, your skin is bound to lose its elasticity, and this, in turn, leads to the formation of sagging and wrinkles. Fortunately, innovations in the cosmetic industry have brought about treatments that can help reverse the appearance of ageing. One treatment that has become highly popular is eye lifts. However, not everybody is ready to go under the knife in an attempt to look younger. For these people, there is the option of a non-surgical eye lift. While various non-surgical options are available to you, below are a few of the reasons to choose the fractional laser option.

Fractional laser eye lifts are nonintrusive

One of the biggest benefits you get to enjoy when you choose to have a non-surgical eye lift is that it is not as intrusive as its surgical counterpart is. Rather than cutting with a scalpel, a laser is directed to the problem areas so that it can penetrate the tissue under the skin. This penetration stimulates the tightening of the skin while plumping the tissue underneath. Thus, the appearance of your eyes is improved as the wrinkles are eliminated. Not only is this procedure non-invasive, but it is also less risky than conventional surgery since you do not have to be put under.

Fractional laser eye lifts are not excruciating

Surgery, on its own, is not painful, since you are under anaesthesia. However, the recovery period can be debilitating. So if you are averse to pain or simply do not have sufficient time to recover at home, you should consider getting a non-surgical eye lift. While the laser treatment is not exactly painless, the discomfort is much less than the discomfort felt after surgery. After the treatment, you may experience some tenderness. However, this is temporary and will not need a substantial healing period to go away. In addition to this, so you will not be in excruciating pain during the procedure since a topical anaesthetic is applied to the site.

Fractional laser eye lifts are highly efficient

Some people may be under the belief that only surgery will fix their wrinkles and sagginess in their entirety, but this is untrue. A non-surgical eye lift via fractional laser is just as efficient and provides you with additional benefits too! Not only does the treatment eliminate wrinkles, but it also stimulates the production of collagen. Thus, the dermis on your skin becomes more supple, and this helps keep wrinkles at bay for the long term. Overall, with fractional laser treatment, the quality of your skin is improved.