How To Get The Most Out Of Your First Bikini Wax

Posted on: 24 May 2019

Bikini waxing is a great method of hair removal and allows you to feel more confident, whether you're on a trip to the beach or just living life. This short article explains a few things you can do to make the most of your first bikini wax, from choosing the right salon to being careful with your scheduling.

Choose A Great Salon

Choosing a salon can be a fun process, as you get to search your local area, research online, and even ask friends and family for ideas. You should choose somewhere with good online reviews and that looks appealing. Do they seem friendly if you call them about an appointment? What is the range of treatments like? As At Home Diva explains, there are different types of waxing, and you should choose a salon that offers your preferred treatment. Get a feel for each place, and visit if you like. You may even want to choose somewhere that offers other treatments you can have before or after your appointment, such as relaxing manicures and pedicures.

Let Your Hair Grow Out

If you want your wax to go smoothly, you'll need to let your hair grow out for a while. As the Huffington Post says, your hair may need to be around a quarter of an inch long before waxing so the wax can attach to it strongly enough to be efficient. Therefore, you'll need to stop shaving for a few weeks in advance of your wax. After a wax, it might take your hair a full month to be long enough to be waxed again, so you'll need to try and resist the temptation to shave in the meantime. If you've got a special event between waxes, ask your salon if there's anything they can do to help.

Make Sure You're Prepared On The Day

You'll develop your own pre-wax preparation routine, but there are a few things you can try before your first bikini wax. For example, the actual scheduling of the wax – as Women's Health explains, getting a wax on or around the date of your period can actually be more painful, as your skin will be more sensitive. Some people regularly use numbing gels before a wax (some salons can provide this, so ask!) and some take over-the-counter painkillers an hour before the appointment. However, different tactics work for different people, so you'll need to experiment – if you're not sure, call the salon and ask for some tips.

If you make sure you choose a good salon, let your hair grow out, and properly prepare on the day of your wax, it can be a quick and efficient experience that you'll feel the benefit of for weeks ahead.