Spa Treatments – 3 Therapeutic Massages for Your Wellness

Posted on: 23 July 2018

While massages are part and parcel of the spa experience, most people tend to assume they are mainly for relaxation. Granted, massages do help to loosen you up, but this form of treatment actually functions as a medicinal practice that can be incredibly therapeutic, no matter what ailment you may be suffering from. And the reason why massage therapy can enhance your wellbeing is that each type of massage will have its principal methodology behind it to help in stimulating wellness. If you are wondering what type of therapeutic massage to get at your next spa treatment, the following are three options that can be highly beneficial to your health and wellness.

Therapeutic trigger point massage

This form of therapy is usually referred to as a deep tissue massage. It is carried out by applying heavy pressure on parts of your body that are afflicted with muscular tension. When this muscular tension is left unencumbered, it can lead to inflammation and debilitating pain. Thus, you will find that this form of therapeutic massage therapy is especially ideal for people who are constantly battling with chronic backaches, neck pain, shoulder aches and more. The great thing about a trigger point massage is that it can also be used in tandem with other forms of massage therapy to stimulate healing of the body

Therapeutic lymphatic massage

As implied by the name, this type of massage therapy is designed to provide stimulation to your lymphatic system. To do this, the masseuse will employ gentle strokes repetitively over the muscle cells surrounding your lymph vessels. When this happens, the flow of lymphatic fluid from the lymph nodes and to the rest of your body is enhanced, and this will help in overall detoxification. Hence, therapeutic lymphatic massages are uniquely suited to individuals that may be recovering from an injury or have developed swelling and inflammation on parts of their body.

Therapeutic Swedish massage

Also commonly known as a classic massage, Swedish massages are undoubtedly one of the most well-known treatments you can indulge in at a spa. This form of therapeutic massage is made up of five central manipulations. These manipulations include rhythmic tapping (tapotement), gliding (effleurage), shaking, friction and kneading (petrissage). Although the primary aim of a Swedish massage is to achieve relaxation by eliminating knots in your musculoskeletal system, it is also a great option for people looking to improve their flexibility and mobility.