Cheer up a Stressed Spouse with a Joint Spa Experience

Posted on: 21 October 2016

If your husband or wife has been going through a difficult time lately, why not show them how much you care with a special joint spa gift? A relaxing spa experience will help them through the stress, and joint spa activities will strengthen the bond that you have together. Since your partner is already under pressure, choose a gift that doesn't require anything of them. As well as purchasing the gift, you should organise transport there and back, arrange refreshments and make sure it's on a date that works for you both.

Couples massage

couples massage involves massage therapists treating both you and your partner. The massage therapists will use the same techniques, so you and your spouse will both be experiencing the same thing. This can be a really great bonding experience during and after as you share your thoughts with each other. Spending some time to relax together can be a great reminder of the importance of taking time to wind down during stressful periods in your relationship. Your therapist may even teach you a few massage techniques to use on each other back at home.

Joint aromatherapy session

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural essential oils to reduce stress and increase well-being — it's often used to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. There are three main types of aromatherapy, and they will often be combined. Your therapist will take a brief history from you and your partner, asking you about any scents you particularly like or dislike. They will then create a special blend of natural oils to use during your treatment.

You might receive a massage using the oils, relax in a warm bath together with a few drops of scent or take part in a relaxing joint meditation while inhaling the aromas. If you enjoy the session, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the essential oils used — that way you can recreate the spa experience every night at home.

Hot tub and sauna relaxation

This is a great option if your spouse isn't keen on treatments involving a therapist. You'll be able to relax together in a private hot tub, giving you a great chance to talk calmly through any stressful situations that have occurred recently. You'll find that any worries soon melt away as you enjoy sharing this special time together. Once you've soaked long enough, take a trip to the sauna for ultimate relaxation. Spending time in a hot sauna has been shown to reduce stress, lessen muscle pain, and improve cardiovascular performance. It's also the perfect quiet, secluded location for intimate conversation with your loved one.